Book Roman Banquet - emperor's approach in Triclinium of Diocletian's cellers

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with Diocletian’s story and Apicius recipies!

Festive consumption of food and drink was an important social ritual in the Roman world known in general terms as the convivium or banquet.
Public banquets, such as the civic feasts, offered for all of the inhabitants of a city, often accommodated large numbers of diners.

In contrast, dinner party that we organize as The Roman banquet – emperor’s approach is similar to the ones that took place in residences and were more private affairs in which the host entertained a small group of friends, family, business associates, and clients.

Roman literary sources describe elite private banquets as a kind of feast for the senses, during which the host strove to impress his guests with extravagant food.
We are taking you to the Triclinium of the Diocletian’s cellers because the dining room was one of the most important reception areas of the residence.
Women were and are permitted to join men .
Triclinium or a dining room typically held three broad couches, each of which seated three individuals, thus allowing for a total of nine guests. But our Banquet will fill the entire Triclinium.
A proper Roman dinner included three courses: the hors d’oeuvres (gustatio), the main course (mensae primae), and the dessert (mensae secundae). The food and drink that was served was intended not only to satiate the guests but also to add an element of spectacle to the meal. Exotic produce, particularly those from wild animals, birds, and fish, were favored at elite dinner parties because of their rarity, difficulty of procurement, and consequent high cost, which reflected the host’s affluence.
Our dinner will be of the same quality but it will include a seven course meal and wine will be served throughout the meal as an accompaniment to the food. the Romans mixed their wine with water prior to drinking, so can you.
The final component of the banquet was its entertainment, which was designed to delight both the eye and ear.
Our Banquet will include performance of the emperor Diocletian who will personaly tell you his life story.

So, be prepared for an unforgotable evening !